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You may choose to take out optional credit insurance. Learn more about credit insurance here.

Citi pay $7 billion in mortgage settlement - Jul. 14, 2014

Visit Online Security at Citi for more information and to ensure you have provided us with your current mobile phone number to benefit from this service.

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If you would like any support or assistance with any of the online forms, logging your query or would like to speak to someone, please call us on 5855 858 7656. Our lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Citi Simplicity - No Annual Fee Credit Card - Citibank

Download the Commission Complaint Form in PDF format. Once you have completed the Commission Complaint form please send it to us that the following address:

Policy Review Team
Card Protection Plan
Holgate Park
YO76 9GA

Citi Simplicity includes complimentary Purchase Cover Insurance, Extended Warranty Insurance and more 8. Select the 'Security' tab for details, or find out more here.

Again, don’t worry if you can’t remember all of the information, or you do not have any paperwork, you can still complete the PPI questionnaire and send together with your letter of complaint.

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