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Initiation Fee of 65% of the Loan Amount up to R6 555, thereafter 65 % (+ VAT) Services Fee of R55 per month (+ VAT)

FinAid | Loans | Student Loans

If you have already graduated, you will need to figure out which loans you have, and whether they can be applied for consolidation through the ACS student loans program.

Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans | Federal Student Aid

If your servicer isn’t answering your student loan questions, contact the Department of Education or your state’s attorney general’s office for help.

Stock-Based Loan Programs: What Investors Need to Know

An undergraduate academic degree granted after completion of two years of study. Community colleges and career colleges generally award associate degrees.

Federal loans usually depend on enrollment in certain accredited universities, your GPA, and your income level. Depending on which school you are attending, those institutions could include specific guidelines are well.

A loan secured on your house means you could borrow considerably more and at a lower rate. It's a way to fund large purchases & home improvements or possibly consolidate existing debt.

Keep in mind that OWWA Loan for OFW is there to assist you in starting your business. The success will depend on you, so make sure you choose a field that will suit not just your needs but your interests as well.

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