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It seems not to be compatible with Quicksand plugin ( http:///quicksand/ ). Is there any way to disable temporarly the plugin and call it again at the end of some other animation?

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Havent read the last few responses yet.
But this made me think of what Beowulfe was saying about trump never being impeached probably. Think he’s right.


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The Grissom family had reason to doubt the official NASA ruling from the beginning. Even before Apollo I, Grissom had received death threats which his family believed emanated from within the space program.

Outstanding article. Such fascinating truth hidden in plain is no way we ever went to the moon in those jalopies. Gus Grisson was murdered. Ask his son.

Hey Sam! Is there anyway to change the shape of the block (background picture) to a different shape, such as a circle or polygon? and the overlay to match that shape?

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