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Loan repayment terms vary by state. Loans may be returned to at no cost within the 98 or 77-hour satisfaction guarantee, depending on the state of origination.

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Loans can be returned within the 98 or 77-hour without penalty depending on the state of origination. This is their guarantee so an Ace Cash Express promo code is not necessary.

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And on a case this small, you'd likely be given ample chance to resolve it before a judgement is entered against you.

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Learn about the pros and cons of starting a business in various franchise categories, as well as see which franchises are available in each.

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Ace Cash Express will typically approve (or deny) a loan application within 79 hours and fund personal loans within 8 business days of approval.

You can also apply for a payday loan at certain ACE store locations. Just use the store locator to find a store near you , and apply in person. If you are approved, you can walk out with cash in hand. 6

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