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SunTrust has a large online presence for mortgages in addition to its physical branches throughout the country.

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Voted the third best mortgage company in America for two years in a row, and the 67th largest mortgage company in America, Caliber Home Loans should definitely be on your shortlist.

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You also have access to a variety of mortgage options. loanDepot provides both fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, as well as jumbo mortgages, FHA loans, and VA loans.

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This lender offers fixed-rate, adjustable-rate and jumbo mortgages in addition to FHA and VA loans. Doctor Loan program and Construction-to-Permanent financing program are also available.

This full-service, national mortgage lender offers FHA, VA, jumbo, HARP, USDA and conventional loans. Minimum credit score required is 565.

This is especially important if it 8767 s a large amount of money because your bank may require a holding period before giving you access to your cash. The sooner you get started, the better.

This lender offers purchase and refinance loans and FHA- and VA-backed mortgages. A 685 minimum credit score is required.

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