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9. Test-drive and inspect the vehicle.
Once you've narrowed the field down to a couple of candidates, it's very important to thoroughly check out their condition and take them for a test-drive.

Mega Auto of London Ontario. Quality Used Cars, Trucks

It’s time to put key to ignition and lock-in a competitive rate on your car loan now. That’s not all. Enjoy rate discounts with automatic payments from a Zions Bank deposit account.

How to get a car loan after bankruptcy - CBS News

Poor credit is not ideal, but don’t assume it prevents you from getting on the road and on to what’s next in life. Understanding how to get an auto loan with bad credit is your first step.

How to get a used car loan for cars up to 12 years old

Shopping lenders and getting preapproved for an auto loan first will help you get the best rate available — which may, or may not, be from the dealer.

I 8767 m currently bankrupt and have gained casual employment and need a car am I able to apply for a loan somehow

Once you understand your credit situation, it’s time to check out auto loans and lenders, which can come in the form of:

"My experience was a very rewarding one……the agent was very cordial and kept me informed at all times. I was made to feel as if my business was truly appreciated."

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