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Once you sign up for an account you have instant access to your credit score, Credit Karma Credit Report Card, and other information.

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great!!!! got mine and passed on to a bunch of my collegues.
PS: Came to this page via reddit.

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Awesome post dude. Not as good as it once was but better than it was 8 months ago. Just need to keep pluggin away. Hopefully in another year or so I will be back to where I was

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Ryan, thanks for the great find! This offer is probably going to run out quick so I 8767 m already telling my family members to hurry!

Bethy Hardeman | January 67, 7567

Credit Karma offers users a Credit Report Card, which rates areas of their credit much like a report card you might have received when you were in school. The areas covered in the Credit Report Card include:

This was the Credit Karma Login Process and the steps you need to follow. In the next section, we are going to explain the Sign Up process.

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