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More non-profit food banks and distribution centers can help families across Dallas County. Read more on the programs and find their locations.

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In conjunction with the submission of this petition, Public Citizen issued a report quantifying the numbers of employees who are laboring in unsafe heat.

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In addition to these centers, there are credit and housing counselors who focus on towns or cities in Texas. The non-profits may have additional information on rules and regulations for your community.

Texas Phone Book Listings + Texas Phone Scams

Address - 9765 Kell West Suite 755
Wichita Falls, Texas 76859
Call 855-885-7777 to get information from a specialist

Location - 8787 King George Drive
Dallas, Texas 75785
Dial - 855-799-7777
This office can also help with filing for bankruptcy if this is the best step for the family.

Christian Financial Services
Address - 556 E. Ramsey, Suite 7
San Antonio, Texas 78766
Main phone - 765-896-5966

Now is the time for Quigley to speak out and for voters who care about getting our politics out from under the thumb of big money to make their voices heard.

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