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Credit Karma - Free Credit Score, No Credit Card Required

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I don’t see much value in paying an ongoing fee for my credit score when there are several companies that offer free credit scores and don 8767 t require a credit card.

Credit Karma - Free Credit Score & Free Credit Reports

Credit Karma launches Unclaimed Money, a free feature to help return billions of dollars in unclaimed money to Americans.

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There are several common misconceptions about credit scores, namely that there is a 8775 best credit score 8776 or there is only one credit score. The truth is that there are hundreds of types of credit scores.

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Credit Karma offers users a Credit Report Card, which rates areas of their credit much like a report card you might have received when you were in school. The areas covered in the Credit Report Card include:

I use it to see if anything changes between the times I pull my credit reports. Might help to dig deeper if your score is moving around with no direct changes by you.

Thanks for the link to this! I 8767 ve always known my credit score had to be high, but I had no free way of finding out exactly what it was. Now I know I have you (just barely) beat at 797!!!

Ryan, thanks for the great find! This offer is probably going to run out quick so I 8767 m already telling my family members to hurry!

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