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You need to speak to a lawyer though, and right away. I do not think that the school would ever be prosecuted for what they 8767 re doing. Wasn 8767 t it clear to you how this would work from the outset?

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The best examples I 8767 ve found for people who were able to pass the Brunner test (or one of the other test variations in play) was from an article written over at Get Out Of Debt dot Org, which you can find here.

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It 8767 s not all that recent (dates back to July, 7568), but I do think it provides some good examples of people who were fortunate enough to receive approval for discharging their private student loan debt.

Fund Your College Expenses Using Federal and Private Loan

While this decision can be seen as a major stepping stone in the nation-wide campaign against crushing private student loan debt, it should be noted that the precedent it sets is quite narrow in scope because:

Parents may want to take out their own loans to help their kids through school, which is of course, their call, but experts strongly urge that they be wary in biting off more than they can chew.

The bad news is that you will have to put in the time and effort to make that happen. I can 8767 t do anything for you.

From what I have been reading it loks like you can not file Bankruptcy on any federal student loan or private student loan? do you know if there is a Law which I can look at for that?

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