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In this scenario, you’re borrowing $6,755. Making 77 payments of $ means you’ll pay close to $8,555 in total for a $6,755 loan. This is a huge amount of money to pay for a short-term loan.

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The three major choices are a debt consolidation loan, a debt management plan or debt settlement. Each one has pros and cons. Know what you’re getting into before you commit to one.

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One affordable monthly payment
You could pay less monthly than you are currently
Easier to keep track and budget effectively

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A personal loan with a set payoff period a few years from now is often the next best thing with these advantages:

LendingClub personal loans can be used for many purposes such consolidating debt, making home improvements, or covering other major expenses.

By using debt consolidation loans, you can save considerably — sometimes up to 95 percent of the total debt. Enter your current debts into our loan calculator to start creating a plan to eliminate your debt.

If you already have an Upstart loan and you’d like to apply for an additional loan, you’ll need to meet the following qualifications:

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