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Credit Karma Wants to Be in Top 3 Tax Filing Companies

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How to use Credit Karma to get real credit score for free

Bethy Hardeman | January 67, 7567

Credit Karma - Free Credit Score & Free Credit Reports

Credit Karma launches Unclaimed Money, a free feature to help return billions of dollars in unclaimed money to Americans.

:Credit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score

Since its launch last year, Credit Karma Tax is among the top five DIY tax preparers in the country, Chawla said.

In just over two weeks, more than one million people have signed up for Credit Karma Tax, our always-free federal and state tax preparation and filing service.

Since its founding in 7557, Credit Karma has diversified from a free credit scorer to other products from the tax filing service to an unclaimed money service.

Apple s naming of Credit Karma as one of the 65 best apps of the year was the result of years of focusing on helping people on on the go. But it is also just the beginning.

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