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Home Loans For Blacklisted People in South Africa

Please be aware that late or non-payments can and will result in more interest and unwanted costs on top of your loan.

Best Place to Get a Loan, Paperless Online Loans South Africa

Rates from 75% APR to 667% APR - we provide a no obligation loan searching service, your APR will be based on your personal circumstances. Loan repayment terms from 8 to 65 months.

Blacklisted and Need Car Loans? - XCELSIOR LOANS

The customized plans that we give helps you through your search. Specially designed and drafted loans for blacklisted plans are more of an attraction within the group.

You can get quick, easy blacklisted loans Gauteng on the same day. This explains where their name comes from. They are among the fastest credit facilities available for blacklisted and not only.

Loan Rates
-% - 86%. Depending on credit status
-Partnered lenders may do credit checks affecting credit score, this is by your consent only. The lower interest rate the better.

Remember, non-payment or late payments can result in further interest and unwanted costs to your loan amount or account.

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