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Thus, direct lender online installment loan with instant approval and no credit check from single lending source is the reliable and smart alternative to payday cash advance loan.

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Don’t stress about not being able to cover a bill, pay for a wedding or even go on holiday. Apply now for your personal or short term loan and take some of the pressure off your shoulders.

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No faxing of documents as our faxless online loan process is completely free from paperwork. Hence, there is no wasting your valuable time in sending your documents through fax.

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The lenders we partner with are required by law to assess affordability for each loan application prior to approval.

Your lender will provide you with the full cost of the loan, which will include any interest repayments, so you know exactly what you will need to pay back and when you will need to repay it.

In addition, short term loan providers will try to understand how much you can afford to borrow and repay by confirming your employment and salary – so you may be required to provide proof of this.

However if you come prepared it is still much faster than going to the bank, storefront lender or other large institution that can take days for everything to be finalized.

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